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I don’t think his marriage will affect The Beatles’ popularity really, but there might be some shuffling of fans from one of the Beatles to another, at least that’s what happened to when news that I was married was revealed.” –John, 1965


“I don’t think the two of us being married has had any bad effects on our popularity. Remember, when it got out that both Ringo and I were married, there hadn’t been anybody in such a position as we were in, who had got married. It was Silver disc as opposed to Gold disc, people who’d get married before us!” –John, 1965


“Maureen is a fantastic artist in her own right as well, apart from bringing up that tribe of Ringo’s.” –John, 1971


 "Ringo had this habit of lighting up two cigarettes, one for Maureen at the same time he lit his own. I remember thinking it was a loving thing to do and wishing John did it for me. But that would have been too obviously demonstrative, maybe, for John" –Cynthia, 1985


"We've shared life's ups and downs. With the Beatles, and without. I was staying with her when John was killed. But Maureen did not live in the shadow of the Beatles" –Cynthia, 1994 after Maureen’s death


"No I wasn't amazed, shocked or anything like that when I heard Ringo was going to get married- I was surprised he hadn't done it before. He's the marrying kind, a sort of family man. In fact, on his wedding day he said to me: 'I wish I had done it when you did, John'.

The wedding had been planned for about three weeks beforehand but we've been away so Cyn and I didn't know until we got back from our skiing holiday, only a few days before the wedding. I was surprised I hadn't known sooner.

Not that I can grumble. When Ringo joined the group I never told him I was married. At the time I didn't want it to get around and I didn't know how well I could trust him to keep it secret. But it came out one day when we Beatles went to an accountant's office and he asked: 'Do you have any dependents?' and I said: 'Yes, I've got a wife.'

No, I didn't learn about RIngo's marriage-to-be from him. The day after I got back from Switzerland I was with a photographer planning the last stages of my next book, 'Spaniard in the Works' (that's a plug by the way) when this fellow said: 'Of course, you know about Ringo.'

I said: 'No, go on,' and he blurted it out. The following day George and I had a meeting with film producer Walter Shenson and after it Brian Epstein 'officially' told us in his car. George was amazed; he said something like...well, anway he was amazed! Then he said: 'Hee hee, more fans for me!'

Paul was on holiday in North Africa and we hadn't planned to tell him until he got back- which would be after the event. But I had visions of newspaper reporters out there asking him for his comments and thinking it was just another Beatle marriage rumour, he'd have laughed it off.

We didn't get Ringo any wedding presents. There wasn't time. I suppose we could have bought a couple of spoons and taken them along to the ceremony but he would have had to carry them down to Hove, so what was the point? We'll get him something good when they've got a house.

There wasn't a wedding breakfast either. As soon as it was all over they dashed away. Even most of the 'wedding' photographs were taken the previous night.

I haven't a clue where they're going to live because Ringo has got to get out of his mews flat. Their home will have to be in London because he works there. Of course they're going to have a family. There isn't much point getting married otherwise.

Yes, he'll make a good husband. He's basically kind and there's no side to him. Marriage won't stop him going to night clubs Maureen's almost always gone with him anyway.

I don't think Ringo's marriage will do the group any harm because he's accepted for what he is, as I was- a sort of comedy character- not so much a sex symbol.

He'll lose a few fans but he'll gain some new ones also- as I did. I suppose Ringo and I will have sort of joint fans now. I don't think the group will lose fans. Those who leaves Ringo will switch over to the other two.

Anyway, right now Ringo is too wrapped up in being married to worry about fan reprisals.

Any more Beatles marriages on the way? No, I don't think so. If Paul is going to marry Jane, and George to marry Pattie, then look at it this way- those girls have careers of their own and they're not ready to settle down yet as Maureen was.

There is no question of Ringo leaving the group; there never has been. Even when this is all over we'll still be four people together. It isn't like losing touch with your best mates when you leave school. We'll probably all be in business together one day." -John Lennon, Ringo as a Married Man... February 19, 1965