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These following websites, blogs, Yahoo groups, and other communities that I highly recommend to visit and that has helped Cyn & Mo greatly.

If you would like to be included, please email me your site address (as long as it's Cyn & Mo related)


The Lovely Cynthia Lennon Site


Maureen Cox


It's Only Love


John Lennon: Absolute Elsewhere


And Cyn Smiles


Ain't She Sweet


Lucy in the Web


Beatle Links


Cynthia Powell Lennon Yahoo Group


Maureen Starr Tribute Yahoo Group


Something About Pattie Boyd Yahoo Group


Forever Pattie Boyd Yahoo Group


Lady Jane Asher Yahoo Group


Kenwood Blog


Beatles Photo Blog


Women of the Beatles Blog


Vio's Sites


World Music Icons


Beatles' Lovers Yahoo Group


Jeannette's This & That Blog

Truth About the Beatles' Girls