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Jane met both Cynthia and Maureen in 1963. Jane and Cynthia met at Paul's 21st birthday party in Liverpool, England; later that same year, Jane, Paul, Ringo, and Maureen went on a holiday together to Greece. In 1964, Jane, Paul, Ringo, and Maureen went on another holiday together to the Carribean Islands. By 1965, John, Ringo, and George were living in Surrey while Paul remained in London, first living with Jane's family and then by 1966, to his own home in St. John's Wood near Abbey Road Studios. Paul and Jane often went to visit Weybridge; however Jane missed many get-togethers due to her acting commitments in theater, movie films, and television. In 1967, The Beatles were involved in mediation teachings by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the death of their manager Brian Epstein; later that year, Paul and Jane got engaged. By 1968, after The Beatles' trip to India, relationships started to unravel. John and Cynthia got divorced after he left her for Yoko Ono; meanwhile Jane broke up her engagement with Paul after discovering him in bed with Francie Schwartz. In 1970, both Cynthia and Jane attended the London premiere of The Beatles' documentary film "Let It Be" After Jane's 1968 break up with Paul McCartney, the relationships between Jane, Cynthia, and Maureen are unknown as Jane does not talk about her time with The Beatles. Cynthia and Maureen have never mentioned if they continued to contact Jane.