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Cynthia Powell and Maureen Cox were both regulars at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England; it's unclear when exactly they met but it's safe to say that they must have come across each other a number of times until Maureen started to date Ringo Starr regularly by late 1962.


On February 11, 1965, Ringo and Maureen got married with John and Cynthia, George, Brian Epstein, and their families in attendance. Soon after the marriage, the Beatles started work on their second film 'Help!' traveling aboard to location at the Bahamas where Ringo missed Maureen terribly. When it was time to travel again for location in Austria, Cynthia and Maureen accompanied the Beatles with Pattie Boyd later joining them. In July, 1965, Cynthia and Maureen were escorted by John and Ringo with Paul and George at the London premiere of "Help!" on the red carpet. Later that same year, Ringo and Maureen moved to Surrey, England, becoming neighbors to John and Cynthia.  While their husbands were away on tour or recording at the studio, Cynthia and Maureen often visited one another, becoming very close friends with a lot in common. Both Cynthia and Maureen came from Northern England and were raised to look after their men once they became their wives and to look after the children while Pattie Boyd and Jane Asher were both from London working as a model and actress.


In 1968, things started to change dramatically. John left Cynthia and their young son, Julian, for Yoko Ono, and they divorced that same year. No one, besides Paul McCartney, made an effort to comfort Cynthia in fear of John's wrath. However, Ringo and Maureen accepted the situation. By 1970 Maureen rekindled her friendship with Cynthia. By 1974, Maureen's own marriage failed due to adultery. On December 9, 1980, Cynthia was staying with Maureen in London for business when Ringo called to inform the news that John was shot and killed. Maureen drove Cynthia back to her home in Wales to be with Julian; Maureen offered to take in Julian to protect him from the media but Julian made the decision to travel to New York to comfort Yoko and Sean. Although Cynthia and Maureen lived completely different lives, they remained in touch throughout: in 1986, Maureen attended Cynthia's London opening night of her restaurant, Lennon's and in 1989, Cynthia attended Maureen's wedding to Isaac Tigrett. Sadly, on December 30, 1994, Maureen died from luekemia; Cynthia has said she misses Maureen very much to this day.