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Although John never really directly said that any of these songs were for Cynthia in interviews, listening to the lyrics there's a sort of hint that Cynthia is the inspiration. During the Beatles' touring years, it has been stated that John would have been homesick, missing his family which is evident during 1963-1965 in John's songwriting.

Do You Want to Know a Secret? 1962
Ask Me Why 1962

Please Please Me 1962
I'm in Love 1963 The Fourmost (originally written by John Lennon)
It Won't Be Long 1963

I Call Your Name 1963

All I’ve Got to Do 1963

A Hard Day’s Night 1964

I Should Have Known Better 1964

You Can’t Do That 1964

I’ll Be Back 1964

Anytime At All 1964
If I Fell 1964
When I Get Home 1964
I Feel Fine 1964

Help! 1965
Girl 1965
In My Life 1965
It's Only Love 1965

Run For Your Life 1965

Wait 1965

Good Morning Good Morning 1967

Across the Universe 1968

Yer Blues 1968

One After 909 1969 (originally written in the early 1960s)
Jealous Guy 1971 John Lennon (originally written in 1968)


Cryin' 1976 Ringo Starr
Little Willow 1997 Paul McCartney
Sometimes 1998 Ringo Starr