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Cyn & Mo was originally launched on March 30, 2003; it was originally supposed to be a fun little page on behalf of Senti's Little Willow: Maureen Starkey Tigrett site (it's still there if you would like to click here) and then it just started to take on a life of it's own.


Unfortunately a few years later, I got overwhelmed with my two other sites, Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison and Beatles' Kids, as well as developing plans to launch another site, Enchanting Isabel Gillies, that I couldn't keep up with Cyn & Mo at the time. I asked my fellow Beatles' women-lover friend Vio to take over Cyn & Mo as I didn't want to end it for good. I knew that Vio would take good care of it as she admired both Cynthia and Maureen. Under her care, Vio included Jenny Boyd and Astrid Kircherr to the site (Pattie and Jane, as well as the other Beatles' wives, were already included in my original). In 2011, a funny thing happened: I got Cyn & Mo "homesick" and Vio got overwhelmed with her sites as she had recently took over her sister's fan site dedicated to Queen! So we agreed after some serious thinking that I would reclaim Cyn & Mo while Vio concentrated on her sites.


I would like to thank Vio for her excellent job during her time with the site and I honor that by keeping Astrid and Jenny on board as well as including May Pang, Nancy Andrews, Dorothy Rhone, and Nancy Shevell.